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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Here at last...

So after about twenty hours of traveling I arrived in Auckland around 5am NZDT. After another 1.5hr in a van I finally made it to Hamilton. Needless to say, I wasn't exactly sure if I should be tired or completely energized from the hours of sleep I got on the plane...I guess I was energized given my agenda.

Got my cell set up, met up with some people from the last visit to Hamilton, walked a ton, ate the closest thing NZ has to a cheesesteak, walked some more, got my courses and student id (what a pain!), walked some more, ate some of the greasiest fish (or fush) and chips (or chups) that I have ever had, made friends with some bros at the hostel, followed those bros to the local skatepark in hopes of getting some shots (didn't get anything, apparently it's easy to get "sponsored" in NZ), walked some more, and finally posted a blog entry.

Its 8:50pm now, and I am just like a little energizer battery...for another 10min.


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